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Bell’s Decanter - Christmas 1994 ( The Blender’s Art ) Edition 40%

Bell’s Decanter - Christmas 1994 ( The Blender’s Art ) Edition 40%

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This superb porcelain Christmas Decanter, finished in 22 carat gold, contains Bell’s Extra Special Scotch Whisky.

The Art Of Distilling No. 5 - “ The Blender’s Art “

People always say the whisky making process is shrouded in mystery, that no one knows what makes whiskies taste different. At Bell’s we disagree.

We know what shapes the distinctive taste and vigour of our whisky. It’s the passion of the people that make it and the expertise they dedicate to the challenge of forging a better blend.

Like Arthur Bell nearly 180 years before him, our master blender Ian Grieve has taken up the challenge of creating a superior whisky.

Unlike some blends bottled after three years, Bell’s Extra Special combines whiskies which have been matured for at least eight years. The time spent taking on more and more of the character of the wood in which each whisky is stored, resulting in a blend of intense complexity and subtlety.


Please Note: 

If you're using a decanter with an airtight seal, the spirits inside will last just as long as they would in the original glass alcohol container. ... Some types of decanters have a loose fitting stoppers, which means the alcohol will slowly evaporate.